Welcome to Kill Signal, a dystopian Marvel AU.

The year is 2023. Anti-mutant propaganda is popularized. HYDRA rules under the guise of SHIELD. 80% of the mutant population was wiped out in the helicarrier attack of 2009. But all is not lost; Mutant children have started developing their powers at a younger age.

With The X-Factor and Mutant Liberation Front fighting for mutant freedom, and SHIELD's Sentinel Services special agents pitting mutants against each other, it's anyone's game.



X-Factor: 9
MLF: 7
Thieves: 8
HFC: 7
Unaff.: 9


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Welcome to KillSignal! All the important information about the site from rules and expectations to the basics of the plot can be found here!
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This just in! Updates can be found here.
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Files containing all the important info you'll ever need to know about KillSignal! From information on the various locations in our game, to who's in what faction and has what job, it's all here. Even a few pictures to help you visually-inclined folks out there. Members are encouraged to contribute!
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Character applications can be submitted in this board. The application template, banned, and dead lists are also found here.

REMEMBER TO POST YOUR WIP- it serves as your HOLD on the character.

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Approved profiles for characters. Give these a read and hit each other up with ideas in Character Plotting!

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Where all characters go to die. The Denied, On Hold, and Inactive.

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Available for all players to play in threads, NPC accounts, their profiles, and links to said NPCs threads can be found in here along with details on currently available NPC groups.

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Want to plot something that'll effect the board as a whole or get involved with the currently on going site wide plot? Here's your stop! Plot with your entire faction, multiple factions, or interact with the sitewide.

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Been wanting to develop your character or play out a personal plot? This is the board for you. Character Plotters can be found within this board as well.

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Transcripts of email, phone, and text communications can be found here, gratefully accepted by the NSA.
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District X
In what was once the Upper East Side, The true heart of New York still remains-- thanks to the hard work of the Hellfire Club.

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The Mid District is where the bulk of District X residents live. While the original lines have changed from the old Midtown lines, Small communities have been cropping up of various Mutants, Augmented Humans and Mutates who have come together to create boroughs similar to that of New York of the past.

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The Lower District has not been completely recovered, despite UN attempts and humanitarian efforts. Still, in what used to be some of the richest areas of New York, the criminal elements have found their home and unregulated augmentation centers have cropped up as prevalent features of the area.

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The Islands around Distrct X have been repurposed to fit the various needs of the UN and United States.

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The World


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"Latveria is known as one of the last refuges of mutants and magic-users. Ruled by Victor von Doom, those who are accepted as legal emigrants enjoy freedoms that few other countries allow. The borders are heavily patrolled and magical protections force any of those that would illicity enter the country from doing so. This is no country of complete freedom, however. Freedom is never free, after all.
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Outside of District X, the United States is struggling, but holding on. Thanks to UN aide and humanitarian efforts, the United States government has maintained the rest of the nation. The Capitol now sits in San Francisco and most of the eastern seaboard is in a state of recovery.
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Plot Specific

Alternate Universes

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Traveling to another universe? Just wanna play out weird stuff that otherwise wouldn't work on-site? You've come to the right place.
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The Past

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Got something that doesn't fall into recent events? Post that stuff here.
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Thread Archives
Separated out for sake of readability, Various site-wide events and plots can be found here, with a description for ease of understanding!
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Thread archives

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Threads that are, at last post date, older than 6 months.
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Out of Character
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